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The Company

Death Valley Towing’s stand-alone business is growing exponentially. The company’s team of seven drivers and five light-duty vehicles offer 24-hour aid to stranded motorists and support property managers, law enforcement, local garages, insurance companies and auto clubs. Today, the business uses some of the best and most progressive equipment and systems in the industry, demands excellence and professional performance from its employees, and prides itself on treating its customers right and with total transparency.

The Challenge

When Lauren and Lee Richardson bought Death Valley Towing four years ago they took on a 33-year-old business with ancient business practices. The tower operated out of a small, humble office in Seneca South Carolina. There was no technology. Drivers took pictures of towed vehicles with a physical camera and were dispatched and managed using clipboards and three-part forms.

“It was easy to lose information. Easy for drivers to pull a fast one. Easy for people whose cars were towed to challenge you. We looked at this messy, dark ages business and said, ‘there has to be a better way,’” says Lauren.

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