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GPS Tracking Solutions for Fleets

  • Track Vehicles 24/7
  • Minimize Distracted Driving
  • Simple Implementation
  • Increase your ROI

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Bread Crumb Trail

Geofencing and Alerts

Comprehensive Reporting

By far the best team I've ever worked with. They helped our fleet set up our GPS tracking system and now we are saving more gas, money, and time on every service call.

Aura Brooks

The interface is easy to use and tracks my fleet while I am on the go. I can set up reporting and get in-depth stats that help me grow my company.

Eve Crawford

The dash cams are the best ones we have ever used. I have saved thousands on insurance, accidents and I enjoy the peace of mind they grant our business.

Jack Graham

The support at On Point AVL is second to none, they are very friendly and can help you get your business set up correctly and growing!

Zak Reid

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Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

See where your vehicles are and whether they’re parked or on the move in real time. By identifying the nearest driver for a new assignment, you can improve your customer satisfaction and minimize the time you spend on the road.

Bread Crumb Trail

Our vehicle tracking system accurately records detail and remembers where each vehicle in your fleet has been. This feature of the vehicle tracking and fleet tracking system provides an instant overview of vehicle history trail including stops made and driving detail like speeding and harsh driving events.

Geofencing and Alerts

Create geofences around important areas.  Set up instant alerts when vehicles enter or leave an area and run reports on how often and how much time a vehicle spends at the location.

Comprehensive Reporting

Customizable reports allow you to access the data that is important to your business at a glance.  These reports can be run in a number of different formats including PDF and Excel.  You can also schedule reports to be sent to specific individuals automatically via email.

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We used to run three calls a day. Now, because of this new system we are running four a day on average. And we haven't had to hire another person.

Phil SmithermanAux Home Services