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Using Fastrax integrated with TomTom, my dispatchers can see where the techs are at any time. In addition we have routing and real time traffic information. Dispatchers don’t know the roads or the side streets. Rather than taking drivers the popular route, TomTom WEBFLEET takes us the fastest route. Getting technicians to the job on time boosts customer satisfaction and offers the opportunity to fit in additional jobs. Phil explains, In our plumbing division, the average ticket is between $800 and $1,000. We used to run three calls a day. Now, because of this new system we are running four a day on average. And we haven’t had to hire another person. We’ve simply increased sales by increasing our efficiency.

Phil Smitherman – Owner

Tiger Plumbing

The integrated TomTom Telematics and ServiceTitan system provides complete visibility into where its vehicles are and what its technicians are doing. Dispatchers are also able to send jobs directly to the TomTom device in the vehicle. We’ve moved to a much more efficient workflow throughout the day, said Kiefer.We’re now able to dispatch techs within 10 miles of their last job, cutting way down on travel time and fitting in more jobs. He estimates that techs are able to complete two to three more jobs every day.

Todd Keifer – General Manager

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