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Fleet Management Solutions for Companies of Any Size

Reduce Risks | Increase Efficiency | Cut Costs

Level-up your fleet, gain true ROI and save money and time.
Our telematics industry expertise will help you get the most out of your fleet!

GPS Tracking Solutions
Dash Cam Solutions
Route Optimization
Custom Integration
Dispatch Software
Driver Behavior

GPS Tracking Solutions For Fleets

Track Vehicles 24/7 • Minimize Distracted Driving • Simple Implementation

  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Bread crumb trail
  • Geofencing and alerts
  • Comprehensive reporting

Commercial Dash Cam Solutions

Eliminate Accident Fraud • Improve Driver Behavior • Lower Insurance Rates

  • Forward facing
  • Multi Camera
  • Connected Access
  • Installation training
  • Customized setup

By far the best team I've ever worked with. They helped our fleet set up our GPS tracking system and now we are saving more gas, money, and time on every service call.

Aura BrooksHVAC Office Manager

The interface is easy to use and track my fleet while I am on the go. I can setup reporting and get in-depth stats that help me grow my company.

Joe CrawfordPlumber

The dash cams are the best ones we have ever used. I have saved thousands on insurance, accidents and I enjoy the peace of mind they grant our business.

Jack GrahamTrucking Company Owner

The support at On Point AVL is second to none, they are very friendly and can help you get your business set up correctly and growing!

Zak ReidElectrician

Delivery Services

With GPS tracking in place, everyone involved knows exactly where their package is in its journey from the central sorting office to your door.


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  • Package delivery
  • Food services
  • Logistics management


  • Public transportation
  • Car rentals
  • Limo services
  • Taxis


  • Service teams
  • Construction companies
  • Equipment rentals
  • Trucking
  • Security


  • International shipping
  • Cargo transport
  • Management
  • Tracking


Potential reduction in maintenance costs


Potential insurance savings


Potential reductions for oversized fleet size


Potential reduction in aggressive driving


Potential increase in daily jobs completed


Potential reduction in fuel costs

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the GPS tracking devices mounted?

Depending on the device you choose, installation can be as simple as plug-n-play, easy 3 wire install or may require a more complex installation if tablets or other devices are part of your solution. No matter which option you choose, OnPoint can assist to make the process hassle free.

Will having a GPS tracking device in my vehicle lower my insurance?

Yes, in many cases insurance companies do have select discounts that pertain to safety and vehicle recovery devices. Many insurance companies will also give discounts to those using the deriver behavior coaching tools provided by our solutions.

Can I access the GPS tracking devices remotely?

Yes, our GPS Tracking application is mobile friendly so you can access where your vehicles are via a tablet or smartphone.

Do you install the GPS tracking devices as well?

Yes, maintenance is an important feature within our GPS tracking solutions. You can add any item that you want to track based on time or mileage and then be notified when a vehicle is coming due for that service event.

How simple is dash cam installation?

Yes, they can be simple. Dash Cams installation can vary in complexity based on a number of factors including size & type of vehicle and the number of cameras being installed.

Will having a dash cam lower my insurance?

Yes, in many cases insurance companies do have select discounts that pertain to safety devices. In fact, the industry is starting to adopt specific dash cam related discounts.

Can I access the dash cam remotely?

Yes, there are a number of options offered that allow you to remotely access the data on your dash cam and even log into a vehicle and see what is going on in a near real time fashion.

Is the dash cam always recording?

This depends on your configuration. Usually, as the vehicle is running, the dash cam is recording and sending alerts as configured. When the vehicle is off, most commercial dash cam solutions will be set to go to sleep after a set time period.

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