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OnPoint Asset Tracking / LINK 340

Monitor your assets and vehicles on one interface

Monitor your assets with ease

OnPoint Asset Tracking gives you visibility over your trailers and powered assets alongside your fleet on one simple interface. With accurate GPS positioning, utilization, reporting, maintenance notifications and much more, it helps you maintain your assets’ security, value and effectiveness.


Track and Monitor

View current positions plus mileage and movement statuses to get a full understanding of how your assets are being used.

Engine Hours

Get a better understanding of how your machineryis being used by monitoring the engine running time of your assets.

Trace View

Gain visibility into where your assets have been with position updates every five minutes via points on the map.*

Instant Alerts

Get notified whenever your asset’s status is changed, e.g. it enters or leaves a defined area, or a movement is detected.

Maintenance Notifications

Schedule and manage your assets’ maintenance tasks easily based on the odometer, engine hours or the time since the last maintenance.

Asset Utilization Report

Get 24/7 access to reports regarding your assets, including current position, trip, maintenance, address/location and input reports (e.g. trailer door status).

Daily Asset Heartbeat Check

The internal battery in the LINK 340 gives a daily update of your asset’s location when it is not in use**.


If your vehicle is also equipped with a LINK tracking device, the coupled asset information is displayed automatically on the map for both vehicles and assets. You can easily identify which asset is connected to which vehicle. 

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