Commercial Dash Cam Solutions

Eliminate Accident Fraud • Improve Driver Behavior • Lower Insurance Rates

Forward Facing

Forward facing camera options

Multi Camera

Add driver, side, rear or other camera options

Connected Access

Receive alerts and view what’s happening even from your smartphone

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, they can be simple. Dash Cams installation can vary in complexity based on a number of factors including size & type of vehicle and the number of cameras being installed

Yes, in many cases insurance companies do have select discounts that pertain to safety devices. In fact, the industry is starting to adopt specific dash cam related discounts.

Yes, there are a number of options offered that allow you to remotely access the data on your dash cam and even log into a vehicle and see what is going on in a near real time fashion.

This depends on your configuration. Usually, as the vehicle is running, the dash cam is recording and sending alerts as configured. When the vehicle is off, most commercial dash cam solutions will be set to go to sleep after a set time period.


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