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Auto Collision Towing

“We had an older tracking system that had problems, TomTom and OnPoint got us up and running and we can’t do without it. Anyone in the tow business really should look at this system. Texting and talking on the phone are a bad idea and this solves both those problems. Also the navigation and dispatching saves a ton of time and fuel. Everyone at TomTom and OnPoint are helpful and easy to reach. With my old system you were very lucky to get a call back at all! Best money I’ve spent on a system ever! “

Paul Warren – Auto Collision Towing

Alpha Towing

“TomTom has increased our productivity, faster response time and taking less chances on driver error. No worry about “texting law” violations, safer, more accurate and more driver accountability. Definitely puts fluid motion between dispatchers and drivers, saving time and saving money. Thank you Ty, Chris at OnPoint and TomTom “

Tori – Alpha Towing

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